About Us

My name is Manny. I am an SDR aka BDR aka Inside Sales.

Like you, I...

Am always on LinkedIn

Building prospect lists

Creating cadences

Sending out emails (lots of them)

Making cold calls (probably less than I should)

Am social selling (InMail, Tweets)

All to book 10-15 min with a prospect and qualify them to the next step.

After a few slumps, I was searching for the answer on what separates the great from the not so great. Reading, asking, observing.  It all came down to FOCUS. Distractions can come easy in our role.  The tasks we do are not easy, it can take a lot of mental will power to do what we do. YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, the email popping up, the person beside us can take us into an area where we lose track of time.

This journal, backed by research, was made for one purpose: crush numbers through laser focus.  

If you have any questions or want to drop a line, contact me through this site or through any of the following social channels





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