Start Your Day on the Right Foot

Ever notice some days your conversations with prospects are very easy? No knee-jerks, easy transition, setting up meetings.  And on other days it seems like nothing is going your way? Can't get past the objections, quick hostility, hang-ups.

It may have to do with how your day begins before you get into the office.  On a subconscious level there are things that are happening that we don't notice and can be picked up by people you interact with.  You attract the energy you put out to the world.  Let me give you an example through a story.

My first sales manager is the one who taught this lesson to me.  The team was going through a lull, introductory calls weren't being booked and the energy was fading.  When this sales manager was in an SDR role, there was a time when he was on a roll.  Meetings being booked, conversations were easy.  One day, he hit a wall.  The tides turned.  Knee-jerks left and right. Prospects were not giving him the time of day.

He mentioned that nothing changed in his messaging or approach.  The one thing he noticed that did change is what he listened to while on his way to work.  Before he listened to stand-up comedy in the morning to get himself into a happy mood and positive mindset.  When that stopped, it came through his tone, pitch, body language, energy with prospects.  He went back to listening to stand-up comedy on his way to work and the results changed for the better.

What do you do in the morning before you come into office? Is it putting you in a positive mindset? What gets you into a good mood in the morning?

I like listening to inspirational messages or reading a passage from a book that gets me to think big.

Here a couple of favourite video's that gets me going in the morning:

Carl Sagan - We Humans Are Capable of Greatness

Jim Rohn - Attitude



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